New Media Art Workshop at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India (2006)

NMA@NID :    New Media Art (NMA) at the   National Institute of Design (NID)   exhibition is a culmination of a three-week workshop for New Media Design graduate students at NID in   Ahmedabad ,   India , July 10-28, 2006. The workshop was conducted by Tom R. Chambers. The no-constraints workshop encouraged self-expression through computer technology within a Fine Arts context. According to Chambers, art created via  New Media  should follow traditional conventions in the sense of appreciation for existing foundations and their various Art Movements. He has tried to instill this within the workshop process, and an overview of the exhibition sees an emotional component and search for truth that permeate the Fine Arts. The above view shows Devyani Arya's "The Unsung Heroes" (ode to the software developer) far left, Pallavi Kulkarni's "Plastic: India's boon or scourge" foreground center, Eva's "Kaleidoscope" far center [beyond post], Shweta Gr

The McEwen Photographic Studio (1993 - 1995)

Tom R.  Chambers initiated and implemented this photographic studio for the   National Gallery of Zimbabwe   ( Harare ,   Zimbabwe ,   Africa ), and its namesake is a tribute to   Frank McEwen , the Gallery's first Director, and in recognition of his Workshop School activities for African artists during the 1950s and 1960s. His (McEwen's) insight to nurture (then) exceptional talent through a rediscovered medium - sculpting in stone - is now reflected through international recognition of this contemporary art form. The introduction of the medium of photography into the Gallery's Art School (sponsored by  BAT Ltd. ) nurtured - over a three-year period (1993-1995) - the exceptional talent by African artists (school leavers) to grasp the medium and possibly, again, have a significant impact for the visual arts of Zimbabwe at the international level. The students' photographs were exhibited as "Moments In Time" (1993), "Moments In Time II" (1994) and &qu

Visiting Lecturer in Digital/New Media Art, Fine Arts Department, Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing, China (2005 - 2007)

Tom R. Chambers joined the Department to develop and teach a Digital/New Media Art Program. He and his students collaborated with  Beijing Film Academy  (Beijing, China),  Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University  (Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.),  Maine College of Art  (Portland, Maine, U.S.A.),  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  (Troy, New York, U.S.A.),  National Chengchi University  (Taipei, Taiwan),  Wake Forest University  (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, U.S.A.) and  University of Louisville  (Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.) in joint student projects/exhibitions, off- and on-line. Student Exhibitions ( October, 2005 class activities. The third-year art students seen below are participating in  RED  ... a collaborative digital art project with art students at the Art Institute of Boston [Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.] ... and they are seen along with Visiting Lecturer, Tom R. Chambers discussing their concepts for the project. Chambers' translator, Shan Shan